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If you're interested in a residence in a dynamic, diverse and culturally rich Southeastern city, Atlanta is an excellent choice. Known for its thriving art scene, diverse communities and cultural institutions as well as its proximity to the mountains and beaches of North Georgia, this city has something for everyone.

In recent year there's been a lot of interest from people moving out of their homes and downsizing but not entirely leaving Atlanta. Many people are interested in "city-town" properties — those that have a nice balance between being close enough to walk or bike around town but also offer amenities such as pools and tennis courts so you don't have to leave your property entirely on weekends.

It is not wonder that Atlanta is a great market for real estate investing, especially fix-and-flip projects. As the city continues to grow and investment opportunities grow more competitive, it is essential you have reliable financing. As a top hard money lender in Atlanta, Junegrass Lending is here to help!

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