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“Junegrass was transparent and easy to work with.“

Laura Paula
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The Junegrass Advantage

Junegrass Lending is your local private money lender, partnering with sophisticated residential real estate investors.

We offer a hard money loan product that allows you to close quickly and painlessly.


Our simplified process make it possible for us to close in as little as 5 days.


Expect courtesy and reliability. We want to build long-term relationships.


We will always be honest with you. If a deal does not work for us, we'll quickly tell you.

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Why should I use a hard money loan?

Hard money is often more advantageous to real estate investors than traditional financing for several reasons:
-Reduced out-of-pocket expenses equating to larger profits
-Faster closing times
-Reduced borrower requirements

Why should I use Junegrass Lending?

Junegrass Lending is a balance sheet hard money lender, which means we funds our deals with our own money. Our process is designed to move efficiently to help you succeed. We do not change our loan terms once a term sheet is signed and submitted.

How does your program work?

We lend money in several states to people who buy single family residences with the intention to flip them. These investors then fix up the properties and sell them or refinance them to rent out. We work very hard to fund quickly so that you can demand large discounts from your sellers. Our program is great for people who can buy right, fix a property up quickly, and then get it re-sold or refinanced.

How do I get started?

Fill out an application or call us and we will evaluate your deal and give you our opinion on the deal and a term sheet.

Have any other questions? Contact us.

Our simple three step process

Complete the application

Tell us about your property.

Receive a term sheet

You'll get a quote with our best terms.

Get funded

Receive the funds to begin your project.

Markets We Serve

The following cities are the primary markets in North Carolina we serve. We are happy to look at deals anywhere in the state.

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"This was our first flip and we did not know what to expect but Junegrass Lending made things easy for us"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"We loved that these guys were local and could offer us insight about our flip. That isn't always the case."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"I was in constant contact with Dylan, our loan officer, as we rehabbed our property. Draw requests were easy and fast."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"When our primary financing option fell through we went to Junegrass and they saved the day for us"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Other borrowers would lead me on and change the terms at the last minute but not you guys."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Just paid off my first hard money loan and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Dylan and his team were always transparent"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Thank you for your support throughout our project. Having a good team makes all the difference."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Thanks to Junegrass Lending, we have flipped our 5th house!! We can't recommend them enough,"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"if you aren't sure about financing, go to junegrass lending. any and all questions. they know their stuff."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Thank you for your speed and honesty, you really helped me profit more on my first rehab project."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

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