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Learn About Transactional Lending

What is transactional funding?

Transactional funding is a short term loan issued to wholesalers to buy and sell an investment property on the same day. This loan term on a transactional funding is only one day and is used to facilitate a wholesale transaction with no money required by the wholesaler.

The wholesaler does not need to “assign” the contract, but rather can close on the purchase agreement themself. This is also known as a “double close” and some call it an “AB-BC” transaction. “A” represents the seller of the property, “B” represents the wholesaler, and “C” represents the end buyer, who is often a house flipper or another real estate investor.

Why would you use transactional lending?

Transactional lending is one of the fastest, easiest and most reliable ways for financing wholesale deals. It’s the perfect solution for wholesalers that are double closing.

There are three primary reasons why wholesalers use transactional lending:

Keep their assignment fee confidential. Although it is not illegal to assign contracts in many states, some end buyers will kill a deal if they see an assignment fee that they feel is too high. Closing with transactional funding means the wholesaler is closing with cash and takes ownership of the property (very briefly). The profit you are making on the property will not be disclosed to your buyer.

Credibility as an investor. The wholesaler will show credibility to the seller that they truly are “cash buyers” by closing on the property in their name using transactional funding. This makes it easier to show the property when it is under contract. It also gives the seller more confidence knowing the transaction will close.

The subject property cannot be assigned. Sometimes property being sold by the government cannot be assigned. There are certain end buyers that will also refuse an assigned contract, making a double closing funding program the best option to see the deal through to the finish line.

Is there a minimum or maximum transactional funding amount?

We do not have a minimum amount or maximum amount (fees may change on transactions over $1,000,000, call for details.)

How do you qualify for transactional funding?

1. You must have a property under contract with a seller and an end buyer under contract to purchase the property.

2. The two closings must take place at the same title company.

3. You do not need any income verification, credit check or experience.

How much does transactional funding cost?

Common transactional funding fees can range up to 4%. With us, there are no upfront fees, meaning no money out of pocket for you! We charge a 1% transaction fee (LOWEST in the industry!) and a $50 wire fee.

Transactional Funding Program Highlights

– No Credit Check
– No Experience Needed
– No LTV Calculations
– No Money Out of Pocket
– No Down Payment
– No Appraisal Required
– No Bank Statements
– No W-2/Employment Needed
– No Income Verification
– No Liquid Asset Documentation
– Prior Bankruptcy & Foreclosure OK
– 100% Funding (includes purchase price, closing cost and fees)

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Here’s What Our Borrowers Are Saying:

"We could not assign a contract and at the last minute had to call Junegrass. We closed quickly and it was so easy"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

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Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"I normally just assign contracts but had occasionally have to double close, Junegrass is my go-to everytime

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"When our primary financing option fell through we went to Junegrass and they saved the day for us"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Other borrowers would lead me on and change the terms at the last minute but not you guys."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

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Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

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Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Thanks to Junegrass Lending, we have flipped our 5th house!! We can't recommend them enough,"

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"if you aren't sure about financing, go to junegrass lending. any and all questions. they know their stuff."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

"Thank you for your speed and honesty, you really helped me profit more on my first rehab project."

Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews

Transactional Funding for Wholesalers: FAQ

What is required to do transactional funding?

We will need the A-B contract and the B-C contract as well as the title company/closing attorney you are using on the deal.

What do you mean by A-B and B-C?

"A" refers to the original seller of the property.
"B" refers to you, the wholesaler.
"C" refers to the end buyer.

Do you have a minimum credit score?

For transactional funding there is no credit score minimum or check. There is no net worth or income verification either.

What are your fees?

Wire Fee: $50 (minimum total funding fee is $1000)

That's it! No junk fees, no hidden fees. We pride ourselves on simple, transparent pricing.

    How are your fees so low?

    We fund double closings with our own money so we are not chained to providing a return for any third party.

    How much advanced notice is needed?

    We would like you notice of 1-2 weeks so we can have you on our schedule (we lend with our own funds). However, we can fund with much shorter notice.

    How is the transaction funded by you?

    We fund the escrow/closing agent via domestic wire.

    Where do you lend?

    We lend in all 50 states. New York and California are case by case.

    Do I need an entity to do transactional funding?

    No. We will do transactional funding for any individual or entity.

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    The Wholesaler Experience

    After endless cold calls and aggressive prospecting, finding a great wholesale deal is a thrilling experience. But the question always comes, how will my end buyer feel about my fee? Will they think it is too much? Will I have to lower the price? Will this kill the deal?

    These questions can be soother over with a simple solution: transactional funding.

    Get the best transactional funding for wholesalers so you don't have to worry about these questions killing your deal. The process is simple, easy and fast. The most important things are that the double close takes place on the same day, at the same title company. We can almost always fund a deal if those two things happen. It also helps to make sure ahead of time that your title company is familiar with transactional lending and can handle the process of closing both transactions for you on the same day.

    Keep your wholesale business rolling by not having to disclose your fees or upset your buyers. End buyers are often repeat buyers and retaining a solid relationship with them is the balanced lifeblood to your wholesale business.

    Do not procrastinate your funding.

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    Don't compromise on your funding.

    If you are wholesaling a property that cannot be assigned, you need double close funding. If you think your buyer may kill the deal if they see your assignment fee, you need double close funding.

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