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We are proud to offer the cheapest transactional funding for wholesalers on the market!

What is transactional funding?
Transactional funding is a short-term loan issued to wholesalers to buy and sell an investment property on the same day. This loan term on a transactional funding is only one day and is use to facilitate a wholesale transaction with no money required by the wholesaler. The wholesaler does not need to “assign” the contract, but rather can close on the purchase agreement themself. This is also known as a “double close” and some call it an “AB-BC” transaction. “A” represents the seller of the property, “B” represents the wholesaler, and “C” represents the end buyer, who is often a house flipper or another real estate investor.

Transactional Funding for Wholesalers: FAQ

What is required to do transactional funding?

We will need the A-B contract and the B-C contract as well as the title company/closing attorney you are using on the deal.

What do you mean by A-B and B-C?

"A" refers to the original seller of the property.
"B" refers to you, the wholesaler.
"C" refers to the end buyer.

Do you have a minimum credit score?

For transactional funding there is no credit score minimum or check. There is no net worth or income verification either.

What are your fees?

Wire Fee: $50 (minimum total funding fee is $1000)

That's it! No junk fees, no hidden fees. We pride ourselves on simple, transparent pricing.

    How are your fees so low?

    We fund double closings with our own money so we are not chained to providing a return for any third party.

    How much advanced notice is needed?

    We would like you notice of 1-2 weeks so we can have you on our schedule (we lend with our own funds). However, we can fund with much shorter notice.

    How is the transaction funded by you?

    We fund the escrow/closing agent via domestic wire.

    Where do you lend?

    We lend in all 50 states. New York and California are case by case.

    Do I need an entity to do transactional funding?

    No. We will do transactional funding for any individual or entity.

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